Life isn’t a destination but a journey

Since I’m a freshman,
I have to decide what will I study for the next few years of my life,
so whenever I talk to a person I ask him about her/his future,
and unexpectedly the most common answers I got were
‘anything easy’
‘I don’t know’
‘who cares?’
‘anything that will get me money’…etc.

I thought we are the leaders of tomorrow,
I thought we are the ones who are going to change the world,
but I’m disappointed.

How can a person live without dreams in life?!
dreams that at some point will turn into goals.
Nobody is going to plan your life for you,
because you and only you have to do that!
At some point in your life or even after it,
you’ll be asked: what have you done in life?
and you’ll stand there with no answer…
You’ll just stand there with a blank face,
regretting your life.
So why don’t you start dreaming?
write your dreams down and make them goals,
work hard to achieve these goals,
and when you achieve them,
dream again, set your dreams as goals, work hard, achieve them!
It’s a cycle that you have to follow in life,
and that’s when you’ll get years of talking,
to answer that question.

Some people,
had dreams and set them to be goals,
achieved them, and stopped dreaming.
they planted a seed deep in theirselves,
called ‘You’ve got enough!’
No you didn’t get enough,
you need more, more, and more!
because you have to remove the limits for your dreams!
Make them endless,
You have to enjoy every moment in life,
and turn it into a good memory that worth remembering.

Why do you have to be so desperate in life when life itself hand you hope?
Be hopeful! Take advantage of it,
Lets be the leaders of tomorrow!
Lets change the world into a better one!
It’s all between our hands!
The youth’s hands.

If you’re a dreamer,
keep dreaming, but not for much,
because you might get drove down to the dreamworld,
but we’re on earth,
So as I said previously,
It’s a cycle,
Set goals
Work hard
Don’t stop at that terminal,
but keep travel through life airlines,
and enjoy your journey,
until you reach your destination,
and that will be death.

Always keep in mind that,
even if you failed, get up and try again, because at some point you will pass.
and also keep in mind that,
people, events, accidents, experiences and emotions are the valuable factors of life.

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3 thoughts on “Life isn’t a destination but a journey

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  2. Abdullrahman kay says:

    I really like it , it’s so inspiring , I wish you the best, with all my wishes with good luck 😉

  3. Paul J. Stam says:

    I have never been able to comprehend people who didn’t go after their dream. “To Dream the Impossible Dream.” – Keep dreaming and writing about it and I will be following you to read what you have to say next.
    Thank you so much for checking into Paper, Mud and Me and liking both “Restarting the New Year” and “Rulers-Chapter 7.”

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